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The Personal Credit Empowerment Suite


This is a program that teaches you how to clear EVERYTHING OFF YOUR CREDIT 


Within this Program I, LaMeel of LaMeel.com  will teach you step-by-step the following; 

  • How to clean up every single negative mark on your credit report 
  • How to raise your credit score by 165 points in less than 30 days
  •   This is not your regular credit repair techniques
  • How to get rid of CHARGE OFFS
  • How to get rid of LATE PAYMENTS
  • How to get rid of LIENS
  • How to get rid of JUDGMENtS
  • How to get rid of INQUIRIES from your Credit History
  • How to get rid of BANKRUPCIES
  • How to get our of CHECKSYSTEMS  ( and get a better bank account) 

Plus so much more!

How? You Ask

 Because I have the MAGICAL WORDS that both the Credit Bureaus and Collection Agencies HATE to hear. I am going to teach them to you!

I am going to teach you a proven legal loophole that can never be fixed!

It’s 100% Legal and Ethical

I use 2 little know laws called the FDCPA “The Fair Credit Reporting Act” and the FCRA “The Fair Credit Reporting Act”.

There is a loophole in these 2 laws that can allow you to eliminate your negatives permanently and raise your credit score faster and easier than ever.

I am so sure this program is going to work for you that I am offering a Money Back Guarantee


* Clear Bankruptcy – Yes you can remove a Bankruptcy from your credit report in as little as 30-60 days!


* Clear Medical Bills – It is totally against the law for medical bills to be listed on your credit report.  This course walks you through it with video and sample letters.


* Clear Student Loans – Finally, getting an education does not have to hold you back from having a great credit score.  learn to legally have them removed from your credit report.

* Credit Union Banking – Now that you can bank anywhere you want, learn why you need to bank with the Credit Unions.  In this course, you learn what all the credit unions have to offer, which ones are right for you.  How to get into the Credit Unions you want if you do not qualify the easy way. And more

* Buy A Home Program – Ready to buy a home?  This program will show you just how to do that!!  Even while you are improving your current credit situation.

  • Get Credit Program – 

    You want access to more credit…

    and I believe you deserve it!

    And because I truly believe that you deserve credit, once you enroll in the program I will teach you two following techniques….

    • The first, when used properly will allow you to get up to $40,000.00 Worth of Guaranteed Credit – With No Credit Check! 
    • The second technique will show you how to get retail credit cards with some amazing, well-known stores with no credit check!

    You see, one of the most important factors used in calculating your credit score is something called your Debt-To-Credit (DTC) Ratio…

    This is just a fancy way of saying how much available credit you have…

    But what most people don’t know is… one of the biggest secrets about raising your credit score is…

    The More Available Credit You Have,
    The Higher Your Scores Go Up…

    Here’s how it works:

    According to FICO, there are five main factors that go into calculating your scores…fico

    And as you can see in the image here – “Amounts owed” makes up 30% of it

    A full third of your score is based on this one single factor!

    Meaning the more available credit you have… the higher your scores will be.

    So I’m going to show you 4 Secret Credit Sources with 2 very specific rules:

    1. They are available no matter what your scores…
    2. The credit lines report to the credit bureaus, so they can have a big impact on your credit score

    The 4 Secret Sources…

    These sources are known only by a few “in-the-know” insiders, as giving literally ANYONE a guaranteed credit line…

    Even if you have scores in the 500’s or lower!

    And these aren’t the dinky little $200 and $300 retail store cards either

    I’m talking about 4 trusted, legitimate sources who don’t check your credit when you apply… and… who report your new lines of credit as an available credit on your credit reports. Giving you a nice big boost to your scores… and…..

    Giving You Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of
    Available Credit – that is 100% Guaranteed 

Courses are nonrefundable

Course includes unlimited email support




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