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About Wealth Empowerment

Wealth Empowerment is the financial education division of Our mission is to empower the average person with education and tools to understand, create and maintain wealth.  We start with Credit education and restoration, moving clients through a process that allows them to develop streams of income, creating companies that operate on the right side of money and ultimately becoming investors.

Our Wealth Building Courses are based on the principles taught by Robert Kiyosaki using the cash flow quadrant. Our selection of courses guide you from employee to investor.

Many people feel paralyzed by lack of credit and access to cash, our wealth restoration service not only creates a 700+ credit score for you, we  set you on the path from Credit to Wealth

Take your wealth building to the next level with our books, wealth planners, Forex memberships and more. We also invite you to attend our Cocktails, Cupcakes & Credit Events

Success is no accident. You have to do it on purpose.  It has been long said that our minds are built for success, but programmed for failure. Explore or Course, Services & Products above to tap into our one-of-a kind Income Empowerment System that teaches you to create & scale income streams. Unlock LaMeel's step by step system to get you to an 800 credit score and over $68,000.00 in personal lines of credit in 8 months or less and more.

Our Founder

Wealth Empowerment was founded by me Kimse LaMeel, and is a division of Wealth Empowerment be came it's own entity due to the growth of financial courses featured on  I am the creator of the Personal Empowerment System & Suite design, the author of Business Credit Empowerment and Credit to Wealth. As a single mother of 8 my mission has become to education an guide families from in creating Great Credit and developing real wealth.  

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